About Aussie Safety Stickers

The Experts in Warning Decals & Safety Stickers

Aussie Safety Stickers is a leading supplier in Australia and Globally of hazard identification and labelling. we have a range of over 2000 specific and generic decals designed to identify and label hazards on ALL machinery and equipment! We are experts when it comes to Warning Decals & Stickers for the Earthmoving, Heavy Machinery and Plant & Equipment Industry.

AUSSIE SAFETY STICKERS has been in operation for 10 years now, as a top-quality provider of machine SAFETY STICKERS and SAFETY STICKER KITS for all machinery owners, from individual operators to large multinational companies. Director Jamie Lee has been in the safety industry for 9 years now, and has 21 years of experience in the Earthmoving Mining and Forestry industry behind him. This experience, combined with experience in the signwriting industry, and thorough research into Australian and International hazard labelling standards makes for a well rounded product where all aspects of design and application have been taken into consideration.

Aussie Safety Stickers started up when owner JAMIE LEE saw the desperate need for a high quality hazard identification system to reduce the large incidence of workplace injuries related to machinery and equipment. Now, 10 years later we are the leader in the industry for good-quality, cost effective safety warning decals & stickers on heavy machinery.

We have perfected our SAFETY STICKERS and SAFETY STICKER KIT packs for machinery. We are the ONLY company that provides long life 5-7 year lifespan stickers, ALL of our products have a 350 micron layer of UV protective clear vinyl over the top of each sticker we produce, we are the ONLY company that takes this EXTRA step in the production process, and this is what makes our product resistant to SCRATCHES, RIPS, TEARS, all types of SOLVENTS and most importantly, resistant to fading in the HARSH AUSSIE SUN.

There are quite a few inferior companies providing inferior products to the Earthmoving, Construction and Mining industries and we decided that things needed to change.

Next time you visit another suppliers site ask them this one question. Do your stickers and sticker kits last for 5-7 years, the answer you get will, I'm sure, have you returning to AUSSIE SAFETY STICKERS to purchase your products.

We have worked hard to develop our warning decals & safety stickers by drawing on as many resources as possible - including personal experience, listening to our customers' needs and observations, and consulting with qualified risk assessors. Because when it comes to safety, we believe that the more people there are looking out for hazards, the better!!